Growing Weed indoor usign DiamondBrite leds

by admin on March 13, 2013

Leds For Growing weed indoor

Many people with an interest in gardening weed/cannabis wish to grow indoor, however most of them never do it because of the prohibitive costs. The incandescent lights used in most projects are not only expensive to purchase they are expensive to run. Recent advances in lighting technology have made it possible for a greater number of people to get involved in the hobby of indoor gardening. The main advancement is LED lighting. With LED lighting you can grow indoor for a fraction of the cost. LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, a form of lighting that uses less energy than other forms of lighting. When compared to standard incandescent lighting, LED lighting uses about 10% of the electricity for the same output. This will allow you to grow plants indoors without breaking the bank. For example if you need to output 1,600 Lumens for your grow indoor project, you would need a 100 watt incandescent bulb, but with LED lighting you only need a bulb between 16-25 watts, greatly reducing your electricity bill. Another way you will save money by choosing LED lighting when you decide to grow indoor is the extended life of LED lights compared to incandescent lights. The average life of an incandescent light bulb is a mere 1,200 hours, while an LED light can last up to 50,000 hours, giving you a greater return on your investment. In addition to the cost savings of LED lights compared to incandescent lights for your grow indoor project, there are numerous environmental benefits. The reduced energy use means less greenhouse gas polluting the environment, while the increased life span of LED lights lead to a decrease in physical waste. For every LED light used in your grow indoor project, you will be keeping approximately 40 bulbs out of the landfill. Light bulbs are not biodegradable, so their presence in the landfill will be felt for years. The use of incandescent bulbs can result in greenhouse gas emissions of 4500 pounds a year, while using an equivalent LED bulb only creates 450 pounds of greenhouse gas per year. The environmental benefits of LED lights for your grow indoor project make them the clear choice. you wouldn’t be starting a project where you grow indoor if you didn’t care about the environment. The benefits don’t stop there, LED lights can help your plants thrive. One of the reason’s LED lights use so little energy when compared to conventional lighting sources is due to their ability to run cool. Most lights waste energy through heat loss. In the process of creating light, incandescent bulbs become very hot, increasing the temperature of your grow space. Led lights do not suffer from such thermal waste, making them ideal for your indoor gardening project. Plants thrive in a specific environment, and do not do well in sweltering heat. Not many plants can survive in a desert. Using LED lights when you grow indoor will allow your plants to flourish in a cool temperature regulated ecosystem. As you can see there are many benefits to choosing LED lights for your grow indoor project. These benefits include financial, environmental and plant growth benefits. Choose LED lighting next time you decide to garden in your house or shed.

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Our panels convert your house/plug voltage to less than 48 volts DC in the unit.  This means our units cannot harm you, your children or your pets.

Light Spectrum Maximization

Read our Science Articles on how we have maximized and tested our “formula” of different spectrum LED light combinations to create our super-panels so you can grow record plant harvests.

Whisper quiet heat elimination. No heat signature.

Even with almost no heat production by LED diodes, we still have engineered super quiet fin and fan systems to ensure our units give the best results for the long term.


GreenLamp has the best led lights and led lamps for your grow light needs.  We have the most plant specific led for lighting so your soil or hydroponic needs are exceeded.  The best led lights.  The best led lamps.


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DiamondBrite 8 – Grow Weed at Home

by admin on February 13, 2013

GreenLamp DiamondBrite panels is the next generation of LED lighting for growing plants. They represent a significant change and a quantum leap over previous models, thanks to significant improvements in the design of the LED.

DiamondBrite8-270W consumes 70% less power than traditional lighting (excluding consumption of ballasts and other additional equipment), so the savings on energy bills, you’ll notice immediately.
Give your plants the perfect combination of light, allowing incredibly efficient photosynthesis, incomparably better than that obtained by the classical lamps or sunlight, both in the growth phase and in the flowering/bud stage.

Plants that grow under the GreenLamp panel have large, lush and abundant foliage, because this type of LED lighting uses light spectrums, precisely matched to the plant (up to 90% of the LED light is used by plants), and sodium lamps (HPS) and metal halide (MH) are wasting a large part of the spectrum of light (only about 10% of this light is used by plants). This is because the light emitted by sodium lamps (HPS) and metal halide (MH) is a mixture of almost all channels of light, resulting in a orange-white spectrum, and LED panel GreenLamp produces light that is an accurate combination of colors, which plants need in their life cycle.
Other major benefits of GreenLamp panels:
• generate virtually no heat and no noise (are cooled with ultra-quiet fans)
• do not require ballasts, reflectors or other auxiliary equipment.
• In particular, it is noted that they do not cause a significant increase in air temperature in the area of cultivation.
• Unlike many available on the market panels GreenLamp LED lamps are manufactured in the plug and play – just plug it into an outlet.

Whether in the inner garden, or in a greenhouse, DiamondBrite8-270W provides coverage of an area under the surface of 2.0 square meters. When used as directed, it pays for itself in less than a year (based on the national average of 18 cents per kilowatt-hour), which with rising energy costs makes the purchase of LED panels without a doubt the right choice for any grower.

Recommended lighting time (adjust as needed):
- Vegetative stage of growth, from 14 to 16 hours.
- Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours.
* Important: 270W panels are designed for indoor gardens and greenhouses. They are not intended for outdoor use.

* Features and Benefits:
First The cultivated area: about 2.0 square meters (20 square feet) for each DiamondBrite8-270W
2nd you can replace HPS (sodium) and metal halide with a capacity of about 600 to 800 watts.
3rd It provides high utilization efficiency of light: the plants can absorb up to 90% of the emitted light as compared to 8-10% in the case of HPS (sodium). The favorable LED optical system provides excellent penetration of light.
4th It is safe: it contains no environmentally harmful materials (sodium, … mercury).
5th It is cost-effective: Save up to 70% on energy in order to reduce monthly bills. No need to buy any additional equipment needed for cooling, ballasts or reflectors.
6th It is modern: LEDs are built into the innovative heat transfer unit much more efficient than other models.
7th It is versatile: it can be used with any indoor growing method (hydroponics, aeroponics or soil).
8th It is discreet: low thermal and acoustic emissions and dimensions – practically undetectable.
9th Simple to use: does not require any intelligent control system, which would ensure the smooth functioning of the equipment.
10th Safe to use: there is no risk of fire or explosion of bulb.
11th Exceptionally durable: lifetime of over 50,000 hours (over 5 years!).
12th Ideal for all phases of plant growth (vegetative growth and flowering/budding).

Certificates: ROHS and CE.
lifetime warranty.

* Specifications:
Power: 270 Watts
Number of LEDs: 120 x 3W chips

Operating temperature: -20 º C ~ +40 º C
Voltage: 85 ~ 264V AC Adaptive
No configuration or installation! – The Plug-N-Play
Weight: 6.05 kg
Dimensions: 496 x 283 x 85mm
Indicators (color):
# 48 maroon LED (660nm)
# 26 Red LEDs (630nm)
# 16 Blue LEDs (470nm)
# 8 Blue LEDs (430nm)
# 8 Orange LEDs (615nm)
# 8 Green LEDs (520nm)
# 8 White LEDs (3000K)

GreenLamp has the best led lights and led lamps for your grow light needs.  We have the most plant specific led for lighting so your soil or hydroponic needs are exceeded.  The best led lights.  The best led lamps.

The best warranty.